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The Hot Tub is a Hot Springs ‘Sovereign’, manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing of Vista, California.

It is installed at Cara in a secluded position at the rear of the cottage and fitted with a number of features and options. These have been selected to make your use of the Hot Tub and your stay at Cara even more enjoyable.

– Continuous Filtration – Water is continuously filtered through the standard filters, the silver filter and the salt system to maximise water clarity and purity. This also eliminates these annoying periods when the Tub can’t be used due to the cleaning cycle.

– Silver – The Hot Tub is equipped with a silver based system to eliminate bacteria

– Ozone (O3) –  is also continuously bubbled into the water, which helps to collect together any minute particles in the water so that they can be trapped by the filters

– Salt – The water in the Hot Tub is continuously electronically monitored to check water quality. The system then automatically releases minimal amounts of Chlorine which is generates from ordinary salt . The salt is very similar to  table or cooking salt, except that they tend to have Sodium Carbonate added to them to help the salt flow more freely.
The salt system maintains a more consistent water quality and eliminates the use of other chemicals such as Bromides and Sulphites, which mans a safer environment with a much reduced possibility of allergic reaction.




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  • The cottage was a perfect way to start off our honeymoon……..will definatly be returning in the near future. Thanks for making our honeymoon special.
  • This cottage was perfect. We wanted a quiet place where we could relax in comfort. Cara cottage did just that. It had everything we could have hoped for and more. Added little extras to make the holiday even more enjoyable! thankyou for making such a wonderful holiday cottage.
  • if relaxation and romance is your aim then this is the cottage for you. The accommodation itself is really comfortable, with good quality furnishings and lots of little extras that make it special – loved the hot tub, the log fire, the laser pod & the leather reclining sofa!

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